Pisceus Purr Fund is a not for profit registered charity. We have embarked on a mission to help pet parents who are having difficulty taking care of their pets. Many pet parents are still unemployed due to covid19 and are sometimes having to make the crushing choice between being able to take care of their pets and consigning their pets to a shelter. It is our goal to keep all pets in their home. Donations will help us buy food, litter, and emergency health care so that pet parents don’t have to make that choice.



45,000 animal & feline cruelty complaints are made in Canada every year, and many more animals in Canada are living in harmful situations. Thousands of vulnerable cats need your help to survive and thrive. The Pisceus Purr Fund supports Canadian charities focused on the wellbeing of domestic animals and wildlife by keeping animals fed, sheltered, healthy, and protected.

You can support critical work being done to protect and care for abused, neglected, orphaned, sick, or injured cats. Charities in the Pisceus Purr Fund are making a difference by placing cats in loving homes and sanctuaries, providing rescue and rehabilitation services, protecting and advocating for wildlife, and so much more.

Your donation will be pooled with gifts of others like you to help achieve wide-reaching effects and make a real impact. Donate today and help those in need. Plus, get an official charitable tax receipt to qualify for tax credits!

After you complete and submit the donation form, an electronic tax receipt will be issued and emailed to you.

Pisceus Purr Fund is a Canada Revenue Agency registered charity, number 1308975-4